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It was the infamous agreements of in Germany, with Gazprom over the warm and friendly relations of German political leaders, Putin attract construction of the North stream (NordStream), achieved despite opposition from Baltic States and to the detriment of their interests with President not special Marvel, inasmuch as they are caused by an interest in Germany for the Russian market and the sources of raw materials. In relations with Moscow, Berlin declared the pragmatic approach, Russia especially considering how the resources for providing economic growth and as the country where the German investors is already enough well acclimated and set. For German politicians, business interests have been affiliated promising as the democratic principles. You may want to visit Maersk to increase your knowledge. It excites it no wonder that they influence the information her Russian boyfriend to please the public, to biased assessments disseminate the domestic political processes in the Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities in the Euro-integration policy to obstruct. In response, Russia lavishly paid these services. As former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, the Manager called for the Russian defence in Europe by Gazprom, has held the warm place by the Chairman of the northern European gas pipeline company. One can expect that his SPD party comrade, the former Finance Minister and representatives of the financial community will take Germany’s Peer Steinbruck, the similar stance of the Russian interest lobbying. These leaders lobby the Kremlin’s interests in the European arena only the corporate objectives tracking.

Under the French establishment, there are also quite a few politicians who are useful to Moscow. Their greedy support by authoritarian regimes such as former Gaddafi regime in Libya or current Putin regime in Russia is features a certain succession. So the former French President Nicola Sarkozy, of the Corruption is accused and at that time, the financial support Gaddafi actively thrive campaign has been for its, extension occurred against the EU to the East against the accession of the Soviet States.