Ukrainian Insurgent Army

History – inexact science, under construction in mainly on subjective interpretations and recollections of eyewitnesses. But, as you know, the testimony of the aggressor and the victim will always be different. Even historians and archivists said that the same event is described in different sources in different ways. And this is playing into the hands of those at the helm. Under Soviet rule books called Warriors of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army thugs in power changed – they became national heroes. What happened really? There is an objective fact: they attacked people and killed them. And here the most interesting: prescribing them some motivation, we make them, or savage killers or defenders of their homeland. After 20 years, if it comes another power, force a change of background and historical facts.

And all this is printed in the school history textbooks. Most children and teenagers take everything on faith just because the information comes from official source, established by the Ministry of Education. It is doubtful whether students go into the archives to recheck the historical "facts" filed in the books. Now you understand why books are reissued so often? So be sure that any historic crime against his people after a couple of decades, could become a heroic feat. Or vice versa. And the more time has passed since the events, the less chance to find out what was actually Who, why and for what? This brings me to the basic question: who and why is it necessary? To understand why, let's sum up – what the quality of the images, the priorities are declared and covertly promoted? Violence, drug abuse, achieve their goals fraud, force, weapons, too open demonstration of sexual provocation to "weak", screaming outrageous, aggression, walking on their heads, selling themselves, their principles for money or glory, the creation of idols