Train A Puppy Using Tricks Canines

In this article we will describe how to educate a puppy so that it does not dirty in the House, and we will focus on the method of training with cage. First choose the cage should be comfortable and appropriate size for our puppy. You can also organize it is like a small house of games, it is not necessary that the puppy feels confined. We can put water, food and toys inside. Then we chose a place where we want to see the dog needs.

It is important to not be near any dog play area, or your water or your meal, this parroted the animal since instinctively do their needs near their food source. Keep the puppy in this cage or play area, we can locate it close to us, while we do other tasks. The important thing at this stage is that puppy can not roam freely around the House. Every 60 minutes we’ll take the puppy to the area destined for the bathroom, we can take it to walking on our side or take it loading, but it is important that it is not diverted to another site. Remember that it is physically very difficult for the puppy during their first months of life. Once in the bath area, walk in circles near the site while we hope that the puppy needs. At this stage we can repeat any keyword you want the puppy to associate with the idea of going to the bathroom, always repeat this word we will be creating in your mind this Association. It will be the first order we teach our puppy.

Continue repeating this keyword, and when the puppy has finished making their needs felicitaremos it with a cheerful voice. We can also reward it with food. If after 5 minutes not sample signs do your needs it will again inside and place it again in his play area, we we’ll try again in 20 minutes. If we succeed and the puppy made their needs in the right place it is good to let him play freely in the House for a moment, but without losing sight of it. Educate a puppy requires patience. If we repeat this cycle for 60 minutes we will see us rewarded with a polite puppy that he knows to go to the bathroom. During the night we will have to be careful not to feed it before putting it to sleep, and also to depart his water, (do not forget to give it the next morning again!). And during the night we will have to remove it to the bathroom at least twice per night, since it is impossible to contain all night for the pupfish. Finally, it is important to take it to your bathroom after eating, since usually the puppies make their needs within 15 minutes after eating. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks. Balloon Juice Blog Archive I could throw that speedball by already Daayen already Baayen: Worth A Watch which is dog suitable for my? The blog of dogs do need to know that I can do so that my puppy breath is not so unpleasant? The blog of dogs puppy chained to the door of establishment The room of Henry Spencer