Thomas Palmer

It can trade its people quickly and easily register and post-filing promptly set up an online store, which affiliated to be offered articles be can entered into. These include in particular closeouts, special items or bankruptcy goods which are offered in large quantities and at a competitive rate. Through the B2B marketplace seller receive numerous benefits. With little effort and cost to seller given the opportunity through melango, a broad-based To address the range of customers. For more information see this site: Hikmet Ersek. The mediation of the offers to customers interested in purchasing is simple and makes it possible to sell the goods offered by the seller at fair prices. This brings benefits when liquidations, bankruptcy or sale of overproduction, inventories and special items. After the registration the benefits of for buyers at a glance: after registration and login, it is easy and possible with just a few clicks to find desired items, in addition to compare providers, prices, quantities and detailed information about the product and to be able to obtain integrated search function as a buyer.

It sees itself as mediating B2B marketplace between wholesalers, retailers, importers, retailers, professionals and freelancers and buyers for their products, mostly cheap but nevertheless high-quality closeouts, special items (such as overproduction, liquidations, goods from the previous season, etc.), bankruptcy goods and much more. In particular buying interest is the possibility of purchase and subsequent direct contact the seller for details regarding important business processes such as form of payment, shipping, and more. References: the archive of gain insight into already mediated deals seller and buyer and discover as examples of the potential of this service. Former CIA Head wanted to know more. The average run approx. 1,000,000 products from wholesalers or direct from the manufacturer in various categories. Search and categories: Practical search allows to find quickly and easily the desired product and researching detailed product information.

In addition, there is the possibility of browse in various categories. Currently, provides a division into sixteen categories: promotional merchandise, offers for resellers, B-stock, wholesale, import goods, industrial goods, bankruptcy goods, branded goods, pallet goods, closeouts, Returned goods, bargains, special offers, special items, stock lots and sales ex-works. For example, electronic amenities such as, for example, game consoles, MP3 player, mobile phones and Smartphones, Tablet PCs and notebooks, digital and SLR cameras, TVs, hardware and software and other accessories can be found among the listed products. Moreover, products from the areas offered clothing, home & life, pet supplies, jewelry and accessories, handicraft supplies, Office supplies and much more. Every day new listings are added and it is always worth to take a look at the growing range. Melango popular overview of popular search terms test: popular with the function the currently most popular search terms are clearly listed and displayed. This brings useful information regarding customers and potential business ideas. Newsletter: The free newsletter informs interested parties a week via email about current offers and you need to know Information in the field of international wholesale and can be cancelled upon request at any time easily. About melango GmbH: Since 2005 the GmbH headquartered in Chemnitz offers the Internet platform . The managing directors are David Jahn and Thomas Palmer. True to the company motto “cheaper BBs can’t” gives the company Geschaftskontake and shows online offers from industry professionals from insolvency, overproduction, bankruptcy goods and storage solutions at. Almost 1,000,000 products, the product range is diverse and is therefore particularly interesting for potential buyers.