Thomas Edison

Which brings us to ensure that hatred is the formula ideal for the destruction of the human being, and by this I mean with that hates first, since he hates is the more he suffers. Another great example what we have with the attack of September 11 against the twin towers of New York, was the dream of Bin Laden that is concrete at the moment in which the towers desmoronaban, dragging death and blood of thousands of innocent people. A dream that destroys human lives for the pleasure of revenge. That is what makes it different from the humans that ascend or descend to humanity? The human brain with its almost kilo and a half weight and its $ 100 billion neurons, is three times greater in size than our relatives more nearby in the evolutionary scale, non-human primates. This wonderful body archives and rendered invisible information that allows us to be better human and succeed in life and achieve success or that us program for the failure, hatred and frustration. They have that on one occasion at a Congress doctor, interviewing a neurosurgeon questioned him about the importance of dreams and he replied: in over 300 brain surgeries open that I’ve never done seen a dream. Dreams are the intangible and invisible part of the deepest desires of the human being, but without a doubt are the essence of our desires and what we will develop. Each of the 100 billion neurons saves information from our past, present and somehow programmed our future.

You can heal your past and build a better future with the information that you save in your brain. What you think you are in what you will become tomorrow. Neurons are invisible Archivists of human capabilities, what we nourish our mind and spirit, our dreams to be formed. Dreams are the intangible part of what we will develop. To create, we first need to dream. So there was light first had to be someone who dreamed to catch the Sun out at night, this was the great Thomas Edison.

They say that Thomas ran it from school by idiot. When asks his mother for would no longer go to school, the mother replied because you’re a genius. To be able to carry out the dreams humans need approval. The best formula for do our children to develop their talents is to believe in them and their dreams this way I will be giving you the best tools to develop their strengths and that they themselves create. Dreams, dreams, dreams don’t dream but you can not stop acting, fight for your dreams, for your ideals, there always will be a new goal that reach, something that can improve, to invent something and you know that you can. I want you to know that dreams are built with love, to transcend and climb to our humanity. If you love, not barriers in worldwide business, family, and generally in society that can not be overcome.