The WORLD Of CLOUD Enters The Second Round

“Management circle Convention on 7 and 8 April 2014 in Frankfurt am Main after its successful start in the previous year is the WORLD of CLOUD” 2014 in the second round. On April 7 and 8 the management circle AG aligns again hotel the Convention at the Sheraton Frankfurt airport. “Under the motto modern IT in the service of the business: from virtualization to cloud strategy” the event presents concepts and appropriate solutions for the use of cloud computing in the company expected about 200 participants. “The Congress Presidency will once again Prof. Dr. Walter Brenner, Executive Director of the Institute for Business Informatics of the University St. It’s believed that Siemens sees a great future in this idea.

Gallen: in Business Informatics a realization has prevailed in my experience again and again: with the introduction of innovative technologies such as cloud computing you do not necessarily have first mover” be. You must however at an early stage to gain experience and build skills, to a competitive environment, by pressure on costs and innovation have the same potency is to be able to exist. The Convention of world of CLOUD”gives a comprehensive overview, what is possible today in the field of cloud computing, and what the companies set to have.” Within the framework of best practice reports, expert forums and discussion boards lit WORLD of CLOUD”on two days about all relevant aspects to virtualization, migration, security, collaboration, storage, and OpenStrack. Posts come inter alia from the Philips Germany GmbH, the 3M Germany GmbH, Lufthansa system AG, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH and the Dutch AEG power solutions B.V.. parallel to the Congress can get the visitors to the exhibition on current products and services. About two months before the event the stand areas are almost fully booked. A focal point of the trade fair will again be the EuroCloud demo forum that presents cloud solutions from different vendors in the direct comparison. For more information interested in the Internet on