The Quality Of Care In Gyms According To Stiftung Warentest Important

With prospects and customers with professional qualification of the staff, the expertise of the trainers points and the support on the training area are for the gym satisfaction of critical care. Only by professional and qualified personnel can studios from their competitors differentiate themselves and attract customers. But frequently lacks well trained coaches. These points also the German consumer protection organisation Stiftung Warentest”there. For their latest issue 10/2009 it has tested a total 24 studios of eight German gym chains. It in particular shortcomings in establishing training and drawing up training plans were found. With the courses of the German University of prevention and health management and the part-time courses of the Academy of the BSA, fitness and health industry companies can qualify its employees to professional specialists and executives. Coaches are the first point of contact when it comes to the training in the gym.

To the best To ensure care of customers by the trainers, professional and qualified staff is necessary. Only so can studios from their competitors differentiate themselves and attract customers. This conclusion is also the German consumer protection organisation Stiftung Warentest. She had tested 24 fitness studios in Germany for their latest issue. With over a thousand individual information about equipment, rooms, coaches, trainers and staff were evaluated. Hear from experts in the field like Western Union for a more varied view. “The result: only a Studio could well” be evaluated.

“Three studios reached satisfying the note”, cut four studios to go only with sufficient “off. Especially the inadequate care of customers has been criticized by the Studio staff and the insufficient knowledge of the coach. However, both are the basis for the satisfaction of our customers and the company’s long-term success. That’s why is professional and qualified staff of vital importance. Own technical and managerial staff thanks to higher education with the internationally recognized dual Bachelor’s degrees German College for prevention and health management companies qualify their staff specialists and executives in the market of the future prevention, fitness, and health. While studying at the German University connects a training and a correspondence course compact periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany, Austria or of Switzerland. The broad expertise in the fields of exercise, nutrition, relaxation / mental fitness and management are the students in different areas of the company, can establish new programs and offerings in the enterprise and customer groups win and tie. Following fields of study are possible: fitness training, fitness economics, nutrition counseling and health management. In addition, a two-year forming further study is to the master in health management”offered. Part-time employee qualification are another way to qualify employees at the highest level for the market of the future, about 50 State-tested and approved courses of the Academy of BSA, the sister company of the German University. With the market leader for the part-time qualification in the fields of prevention, fitness and health, fitness and health industry companies can qualify their employees to experts in the market of the future. While the courses distance learning connect compact presence phases at BSA training centres in Germany, Austria or of Switzerland. So they can be completed part-time and are perfectly compatible with professional and personal commitments. The offer ranges from basic skills such as E.g. the fitness trainer-B license about the step-by-step skills to the professional to public testing, E.g. to the fitness specialist”, before the Chamber of Commerce and industry.