The Polymer

This is actually the number of additives does not alter the general characteristics of the final product, but it only adds one more advantage – oksobiorazlagaemost. As is clear, cellophane macromolecules polypropylene and are made of atoms of hydrogen and carbon and are connected among themselves in the longish twisted chain. Thanks to this have been used in such polymers possess the flexibility and strength, they interfere specifically Education compounds and carbon atoms of air, which lead to oxidation and, consequently, and to the decomposition (degradation) of polymer. Molecular usual crowd of 300.000 is the same as plastic sheeting. amu (atomic mass units), while a water molecule weighs only 18 as well. EM A molecular crowd than below, the smaller chains and not to the extent resistance to oxidation. Additive with d2w impact specifically on carbon compounds longish molecular chains of the polymer, in the end that through the set time gap, they are carried by activating the division of the polymer. The product is made of a fragile and soon breaks into tiny pieces.

Since the molecular chains in polymer degradation diminished in volume, air gets chance to unite with the carbon and transform into carbon dioxide. Molecular polymer crowd soon reduced to 40,000 and at this stage of the product that was used is a hydrophilic (Moistened with water), so that tiny organisms gain access to the carbon and hydrogen. Carbon "disappears" in the form of C02, and hydrogen – in the form of H20. This stage and can be called "biological collapse. " The process of decomposition of the polymer is not important what the composition of the highest temperature, light and pressure, active as catalysts, and characterize the agility and, therefore, the time of expansion. With the addition of polymers are all another chance to submit recycling.

Apart from this, the additive can be used in the manufacture of products from recycled materials, making them biodegradable. One of the unique parameters d2w additive is then, if its implementation is allowed to set the desired period tarry on the source of the expansion of the polymer (from several months to several years). Probably so, if the product will retain all the necessary characteristics to move the scheduled date of application, and the decomposition process will be through this period tarry. In true time, despite the difficult financial situation, the use of additives d2w will likely not only overtake rivals in the domestic market, but competitive and start at the markets of other states, provided that way as the additive is certified according to almost all of an international standards. As then, if considered an innovation here, more closely has long been commonplace action because of a psychological barrier. Now, thanks additive d2w , Ukrainian product packaging in the quantities that were used, the packaging and wrapping of polymers, have all chances to fill their own bags another positive feature – eco-friendliness.