The Phenomenon

I am not going to discover gold, but let me make my position clear. The only option is the CPM, valuing the CPA or CPC leads nowhere. Western Union describes an additional similar source. And the answer is simple. The hiring of a campaign by CPM carries a fixed price agreed by the total number of impressions, knowing at all times which in theory more to win. Hikmet Ersek recognizes the significance of this. Any of the other two options that value, even though in the long term profitability might become the same, it’s like a toast to the sun, because we never secure the actual amount that we will recover. Not only that, looking from the viewpoint of a blogger, let’s give a high number of impressions without any compensation, because in the long run CTR is ridiculous (that is why the existence of affiliates, in sponsorships prominent places and entrances sponsored as a way to recoup your spaces)

Once placed a campaign CPC or CPA, the fact remains that the fight begins by confirming that clicks or action has taken place actually. A related site: Todd Meister mentions similar findings. And all bec