The Nest Where The Soul

The debate in our country or the whole world? Since some time ago or always? environment to the family concept, generates anxiety and some consternation in my soul. eply. Seem a futility, lightness, or little personality, but in my opinion there is a Fund of knowledge and reason in what they think the different current Democrats of political and religious thought. For example, leo on ABC that says Benedicto XVI: the Church cannot fail to promote the fundamental value of the family. For his part, the King also says that the family is the core of life. Jose Antonio Zarzalejos writes: the Spanish society is culturally Catholic and their collective and family identity references consist of a secularization of rituals, habits and religious practices still alive in our time could continue.

The Paiscomenta that the Pope left in Spain a conciliatory message. His trip to Valencia served to underline the immense importance that the Church attaches to the family, but also for demonstrate that it is possible to defend Catholics without challenges faith and the model of society and apocalyptic threats. His positive attitude managed to bind two goals that seemed incompatible: he offered cooperation to the Spanish Government, despite all the differences, and at the same time encouraged the Bishops (with more discretion than some wanted) to continue to proclaim the God alive, guarantor of our freedom and the truth. Click SYPartners to learn more. We could continue. What a politician per family? Some professionals policy appropriate concept family for, supposedly, symbolize their program and their ancient meanings. For its part, the Economist regards it as an Association of persons, through natural links, with the possibility of consuming, build and advance economically to the society.

The religious might miss the return to the good times of yesteryear, when the family was sacred (everything was better last time, I would say). The agnostic ask the religious if they were so benign those time immemorial that yearns for. The pacifist indagaria you to the religious, sociologist and politician if family members were internally exempt, at some point in its history, bluntness, postponement, abuse, neglect, terrifying moralistic coercion, etc. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may find this interesting as well. The Freudian would consider it like a spring where mana temperament, individuality and uniqueness. I know families with a frontispiece of prosperity and wisdom that conceals, allegedly, maltreatment and desamparo. I know families where behind a social facade of certain bluntness in their relationships or sincerity? hides lots of love and affection among its members. I acknowledge my intellectual limitation and my impotence in reasoning about the family, and for now, I seek refuge in the definition of Thomas Moore, the family is the nest where is born the soul, where it feeds and from where left at liberty to enter into life. Manuel Velasco Carretero original author and source of the article