The Memory

For this it fits here to return the concept from memory and some approaches that are given to the concept for some social sciences, so that let us can understand to relate it question of the media. Here, Kohl’s expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The memory is what we remember and what identifies in them, is the place where the references of a common past in the league to a community, a nation and where we search affirmation. During much time this memory was restricted the verbal culture, but with the decline of this throughout the centuries, a new type of memory has appeared (SILVERSTONE, 2005). In the analysis of Seixas (2001): ' ' All the memory is basically ' ' creation of passado' ': an engaged reconstruction of the past (many times subversive, rescuing the periphery and the kept out of society ones) and that it plays a basic role in the way as the more heterogeneous social groups apprehend the present world and reconstruct its identity, inserting itself in the strategies of claim for a right complex to the recognition. What here it is placed in primeirssimo plain is, therefore, the relation between memory (against) to be able, memory and politics. The memory is activated aiming at, of some form, to control of the past (e, therefore, of the gift).

To remodel the past in function of the present way management of the memories mean, before more nothing, to control the materiality where the express memory if (of the relics to monuments, to the archives, symbols, rituals, dates and commemorations). Notion of that the memory becomes powerful (s) that one (s) they generate that it and controls (m)' ' (p.89). Analyzing under the focus of the media the agreement of Bergson still adds, French philosopher, who studies the memory as starting point for the interpretation of world the same is used of images for the apprehension of this world, in this meantime the author emphasizes the souvenirs, the images and the perception: ' ' under form of image-souvenirs, all the events of our daily life to the measure that if uncurl; it would not neglect no detail; she would attribute to each fact, to each gesture, its place and its date.