The Influx

It is clear that we are talking about those articles that get enough visitors to be able to conclude that a decrease in traffic. Articles with one or two visitors a day, absolutely nothing lost, because nothing had. On the one hand, it is reasonable to note that Google does not care neither to one site in particular. On the other – Google like nobody is interested in the relevance of the issue. That's what made him number one in its area, this is what allows him to them to stay.

A quality article on the subject of the request – the most that neither is relevant option issuance. After all well aware that, for example, search "laptop review such a model," issued sites of stores in which it is written that "at the moment the laptop reviews of such a model of NO, but your could be the first." Technically, the answer is relevant, but in fact – has no relation to the request. After all, people are not looking for sites without the reviews, it looks for sites with reviews. That is, gets the opposite desired effect. In addition, as the principal generator of the content on Hubpagesah through Adsense (because the effective monetization of content – a powerful incentive for the influx of new writers), Google gets a direct share of the profits from the ads placed there. It is worth noting that while the leadership of Hubpages due to changes in the algorithms issuance makes no representations about the proposed clean mass articles and the introduction of new criteria for placing content.

Even a change percentages hubpagesy / users says nothing, it remains the same – 40/60. Nevertheless, we can draw preliminary conclusions. Uniqueness of the content of its value does not lose. The same surveys consisting completely of nadergannyh from the site shop amazon comments do not carry any value to the reader. Therefore, the promotion of appropriate passive hub method is complicated – it no one wants to invoke. Conversely, an interesting and useful hub will grow into one-way links without the participation of its author. In addition, you may have to change methods of active promotion, carefully using the opportunities for gratis and light options – from the very content of farms.