The GED Concept

Nowadays, any company? small, average or great? that it exerts constant activities has problems with the complexity in the organization and the access its documents. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Areva. Many times this problem serves of impasse for the good functioning of the enterprise processes and finishes reflecting of negative form in the given service the customers, generating a bad image of the organization. The GED concept (Electronic Document Management) is a current concept that comes growing in the corporative way and gaining position as tool of aid to the enterprise processes that demand time. It consists of the enterprise document management by means of digitalizao, indexation, control, recovery and storage of these documents. It is a used alternative for the companies and offices that have great volumes of documents constantly use and them in its activities. Of this form, the GED technique reduces this volume of documents it stores and them in half even though virtual electronic and, preventing that the physical documents if lose or if they damage with the time. Another advantage is of that the company has easy access fast to electronic documents, preventing the onerosidade caused in the search for kept physical archives. This concept also is used for companies whom they only need to organize its documents, exactly that they are not in great volumes, to preserve its information and to modernize its processes, having access to the necessary document in the accurate hour. More dynamic and organized companies generate better services its external customers and facilitate to the activities of its collaborators, preventing the onerosidade and the bureaucracy. Therefore, to manage documents in adequate and efficient way is essential for the Management of the knowledge and the information inside of the organizations, and is this that the GED concept to provide as solution for the otimizao with the main business.