The Fat Of Nimoy In The Paradise Of Art

Without intending to, found in a Catalan newspaper online a graphic report on the facet of a portrait of the actor Leonard Nimoy in which intends to recreate the charm of Colombian Fernando Botero by fat. Five obese women and gay shameless posed before the camera of Mr. Spock from Star Trek to tell the planet earth that age, cellulite, sagging breasts auction house and are not an obstacle to be sexy. Amazon Music describes an additional similar source. The synchronicity of this finding cyber was in a TV program I saw just an hour before, in which the Mexican driver Lolita de la Vega, making his life an informercial, was devoted to promoting the benefits of plastic surgery and diets offered in your new business blessed by the spokesman of the Bishops in Mexico, "and sponsored" by the former first lady Marta Sahagun. There is little point clear that the concept of beauty is relative, but there is definitely something of sadomasochism in social play with respect to the aesthetics of health. Of course, Nimoy claim only meets the fat anorexic forgotten by the dream of fashion media: normal women we will invariably overweight imperative facing the camera of the virtual world … However, the desire for Lolita de la Vega to resize the ravages of time and excess food on the health of thousands, if not millions of women who are torn between beautiful as accepted Nimoy's fat and try to rectify the way in aesthetic interests of health, managed to turn in my mind the warning sign of what it represents today, the obesity problem may have its charm from certain points of view. . . Click USPS to learn more.