The Failure

Never foimuito livened up with this to work ' ' srio' ' , he would prefer to be alicriando something in its mind as the poetry that had made in eighth anoe had been the best one of the school today remembers until its four verses: ' ' For you I vejo/as times blind me, but the times I see/nor I hear, nemsinto, I only see/…… vejo&#039 closed, open; '. A tear still escorretoda time that it remembers its fact, ' ' Vejo' ' it was the name of its maiorobra, and the years it says for that the next poetry already is mature eque if place was not its creative blockade already there would be published emalgum. But still if seeing among the solar lights they querefletem in the mirror of the bus not enxerga where she failed for the terceiravez, she remembers for as of the day that its mother said to it that she would elepoderia to create its poetries at any time but to eat and serindependente having a job but it did not only say how much it teriaque to be different. Leaving collective its house already she could be sighted and of it she separated only algunsmetros it of plus a same return that this is as we osltimos: with the flavor of the failure. She walks looking at for the sides as sepreocupado therefore &#039 would prefer to give a first explanation for convincing suamatriarca for alone later thinking about an excuse poucomais charming for its; ' chapas' ' of the street. When arriving in front of seuenorme gate surrounded for you surround side by side electric of perceberaque had forgotten its key in house, after all ' ' who remembers something as6 of the morning! ' ' it thinks. After innumerable attempts mother perceived quesua was not in house and that for the hour, 10 and stocking, she must have ido sales that if located 5 you square to the north of its house.