The Defendant

Note the absence of the schools of management of public and private universities have a profile of the managed designed to confront this reality, resting many programs, curricula of studies outside of reality, moreover, absence of a significant number of teachers trained to provide the necessary knowledge that counteract the challenges, seize opportunities, transform the weaknesses and strengthen all those already achieved. It hires teachers without experiences, academic endorsement, experiences in the practice of the business sector, newly graduates, not adapted to provide new knowledge, but to repeat the traditional. There is no feedback on the content of the materials according to modern requirements, knowledge of decades that does not represent the demands, challenges, changes of the present are repeated. Each subject should be re-evaluated, in addition to consider their priorities with each other so that the participant to obtain consistent information that give opportunities to generate new knowledge, not to lose time is repeating information and above all obsolete according to reality.

We need to assess the rationale of each subject if justified in the present, eliminate many that already do not play a decisive role in the formation of the administrator, give way to new ones, allowing graduate professionals with the knowledge, tools needed to ensure success, development and membership to the defendant reality is required to restructure the formative years, the time required to grant the degree of administrator, try to provide fair knowledge that can minimize the stay within the University, for example instead of five years to four. It takes more responsibility in relation to a productive more dynamic linking between companies, schools, and the same College of administrators who encourage everyone, especially in the first, which can generate jobs, internships, rapport with the operational reality of the company in turbulent scenarios as the Venezuelan case, where uncertainty, risk played a decisive role in the life of companies. Venezuela requires of an administrator: proactive, ethical, comprehensive, creative, innovative, able to handle adequately the interrelationships of human, know likewise, generate changes, be a true agent of this, the challenges, seize opportunities, entrepreneur, strategist, Planner, visionary, optimistic, with updated administrative knowledge involving all modern managerial topics that have been derived from the competitiveness of the birth of new administrative approaches.

Know how to properly use the potentiality of the resources of the company to its full potential by an administrator who evaluated the actions that the Government has undertaken and affect the behavior of the productive sector, positive linkages that may arise, the effects of the opening up of international trade, the possibilities generated by the outsourcing, cluster, alliances, franchising, investment projects, among others. Specifically, the national universities cannot ignore their responsibility, commitment to the country’s defining a profile of the administrator appropriate to the reality of this today more than ever, this feedback towards the definition of a good profile is an obligation, otherwise, the companies, the country’s business sector will stagnate, deteriorating and negative effects for all actors involved in this will be chaotically.