The Artist Raven Man Has

Jurgen Linden, a member of the national art Council of Baden-Wurttemberg Boblingen artist Raven man draws our attention in the art portal of Baden-Wurttemberg. The art portal of Baden-Wurttemberg indicates Raven man, the current “artist of the month” among others, the issue of language “as a thread” through art pulling Raven Manns fits his opinion “into no drawer”. The way committed by Raven man a “from images and words constantly coming into being and always equal equity culture” set is not only “common ways” of contemporary art from, but also by their “commonly perverse”. Therefore r Mann’s art presents itself as possibility, “obtaining perception of what is art and what art can be for us.” The deep originality in Raven Mann’s art here on Raven Mann’s very early preoccupation with ancient traditions of texts such as fairy tales, legends and myths and symbol-loaded imagery attributed such as religion, the Folklore and the Alchemy all of this was his perception and image making we also him even as an artist unusually shaped and this find now sustainable input in its substantive and formal image designs and makes his images free of hierarchies, values, compare, thinking and pondering the Viewer makes it possible to approach the working principles of human life in more primitive ways. Author; Ralf r man with quotations from “Africa, Africa” by Jurgen Linden (MA)