Taking off in a small office rent, hiring the needed personnel and has starting work, during her own mascot came up later and then it became his nickname and logo has become our name. He says, there is described a yellow dog named Tebe. On the question of why animals and especially dogs, immediately comes a simple answer: who, no matter how the dog used to search for character and purpose of our project – to find you the goods (look for it for you), and why a bright yellow, but probably because gay face funny bright yellow dog will make you smile and look at the process of shopping online completely different. Continuing to work, were identified purpose and the names of two main sites: tebetalk.com (which you can already visit and test, and the fact that there already is only a small beginning of what is expected and tebecom.com (which at this moment is in the process of development). Continue to learn more with: Governor Cuomo. Tebetalk – a website created for the communication of interest on it for the first time must appears is the same button for the sake of which everything and think, and tebecom should be the largest base for the first time all the various companies offering their products and services, respectively button click & get, and will be subsequently link tebetalk and tebecom and subsequently, its function will be to send a query from anywhere on the Internet, which will be sent to tebecom and immediately sent back to you as the finished result. So making little effort you save tons of time, which can usefully spend, it’s kind of an extra hour that appears in your days which is why art is so called but not the other way. Unfortunately, the complexity This project is the launch of resources which are mentioned above should be simultaneous or with minimal delay, so you can try out all the charm of the platform in action, but at the moment tebecom.com time is not ready and is in development and taking advantage of this time we decided to introduce themselves in simple and concise manner to get your opinion on our idea and our project. And yet to this day, our team diligently working on a project implementing the current and already giving rise to the following ideas which will be discussed in next article..