Taurus Past

We unleash stuck in a groove of land for recurring thoughts that will not let us move forward, each time re-live past times. Anchored in a timeless past, which paralyzes us, it seems that nothing moves. This provokes a feeling of lethargy and even depression. Frequently Google has said that publicly. We should make us aware of the game where we come in and find the exit door. We must awaken, not only today but also summarizes the sown yesterday morning, standing in one of the options unbalances us, if we stand at the midpoint aware we will have a clear overview. What I fear in this present? Where I missed my past? – Taurus – Flowing cracks of our thoughts are filled with thoughts that do not allow us to clearly see the situation they are experiencing.

Being lost between two possibilities that we could see clearly either keeps us paralyzed. We should take the weight of the doubt with an attitude to what we should say in a less stressful for us, we must let go, release those ideas that keep us moving forward, all of our day will flow a habitable place, and we should nourish and nurture our thoughts from liberating words. Why am torn between two options? Why I can not let go of ideas that do nothing but paralyze? – Virgo – Wholeness Our week we are liberated, we feel we have done everything right. We have the ability not only beautify everything around us but also those around us.