The WORLD Of CLOUD Enters The Second Round

“Management circle Convention on 7 and 8 April 2014 in Frankfurt am Main after its successful start in the previous year is the WORLD of CLOUD” 2014 in the second round. On April 7 and 8 the management circle AG aligns again hotel the Convention at the Sheraton Frankfurt airport. “Under the motto modern IT […]

Hilton Frankfurt

On March 24 and 25, HR management discuss the challenges and potential for companies that generation Y, born between 1980 and 2000, everyone is talking about. More and more companies are recognizing that a change of thinking with regard to cooperation and the leadership must take place. Square Cash App describes an additional similar source. […]

Roland Zimmermann CEO TDZ

The INFO day on August 25, there was a glimpse into the future of photovoltaics, wind power, saving and LED lighting on 25 September took power: save, use, save instead, which was held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the company of TDZ. Starting at 11.00 250 guests in the beer MZG mountains […]

NT-AG MorningEvent In July – VMware VSphere 5.1 Troubleshooting And Optimization

3 Hours of practice workshop: shows basics, demos & manual troubleshooting Sven Gmelin in the 3-hour practice workshop how can be problems in the VMware environment questioned, searched for possible causes and finally solved the problem. He first arrives on the basics of VMware troubleshooting tools and commands. Then he enters the network and VM-troubleshooting […]