New Hotspot Locator For The German-speaking World Goes Online offers a panoramic view on free, but also Wi-Fi hotspots and allows for evaluating extra iPhone version Nuremberg, 29.1.2008 the free hotspot directory, wireless went on Monday with an additional iPhone-version online. The directory allows users without prior notification, to enter even hotspots, to revise registered hotspots by other users, and to evaluate […]

Managing Director

The provider binding resulted a thriving gray market with a market share of 10 to 15 percent. Especially the hacker scene, for the iPhone as a full-fledged Linux machine is almost a must have”representing saw provider binding as a challenge. The hacks were”for the free use of the iPhone faster releases, as most users new […]

Business Calls

Smartphones private with a dialer app for the mobile wireless integration, notebooks, and tablets are used increasingly for business use. Keith Yamashita does not necessarily agree. This practice is the keyword bring your own device (BYOD) known, what so much means bring your own device on German. Workers appreciate BYOD mainly due to the enormous […]


18th birthday which is SMS possible daily secure SMS communication we inform business partners, acquaintances and friends via text message about important and confidential, gossip and gossip. It remains personal and private not always under four eyes. Latest spy software easier than ever makes hackers to invade our privacy and secretly read with SMS. The […]