YellowFox Certified Installation Partners

Posted in News on December 8th, 2018
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YellowFox certified installation partners in Germany with its own seminar Hamburg, 26.07.2012. The quality of the installation of the location boxes in the truck or van fleet of YellowFox customers is of utmost importance. For example, permanent data exchange between satellite, vehicle, YellowFox data center and dispo headquarters must be permanently ensured. The digital tachograph, […]

Business Calls

Posted in News on April 2nd, 2017
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Smartphones private with a dialer app for the mobile wireless integration, notebooks, and tablets are used increasingly for business use. Keith Yamashita does not necessarily agree. This practice is the keyword bring your own device (BYOD) known, what so much means bring your own device on German. Workers appreciate BYOD mainly due to the enormous […]


Posted in News on April 7th, 2014
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18th birthday which is SMS possible daily secure SMS communication we inform business partners, acquaintances and friends via text message about important and confidential, gossip and gossip. It remains personal and private not always under four eyes. Latest spy software easier than ever makes hackers to invade our privacy and secretly read with SMS. The […]