Communication Training

Posted in News on November 20th, 2017
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As engineers and technicians through communication training can expand their own skills and enrich the distribution image of grumpy, Paris technician working in the catacombs of a company itself, history is long. But the direct communication with the customer is not always easy. Even professionals do not. In communication training, engineers will learn how you […]


Posted in News on June 15th, 2017
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Should be a target too big or seemingly out of reach, it is possible to book an advanced course in different areas and then again 30 days with the focus on this topic to use after 30 days. How can I determine whether Mentalcoaching is for me? Because this kind of Mentalcoaching itself developed the […]

WBCO Wollstein Business Communications

Posted in News on December 1st, 2016
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Previous Director strengthens management team Frankfurt am Main / Munich, June 30, 2011 Heiko Ziehms (41) partner at the European consultancy accuracy is July 1. Thus accuracy expanded the German management team David Cayet, Thomas Goslich and Wilhelm Mickerts on now four partners at Frankfurt and Munich. Since joining accuracy in January 2010 Ziehms pushed […]

IKOM Labour Market

Posted in News on November 4th, 2016
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Demand for graduates no recession on the labour market the IKOM the career Forum the Technical University of Munich has today its report views students & graduates February 2009 \”published. The IKOM points index, which examines the open spots and ads for graduates, could stop for the time being its downward trend in January. The […]

Michael Kugler Joins ASIM…

Posted in News on June 21st, 2015
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… a division of Druckhaus Waiblingen Waiblingen. Recently, Michael Kugler (34), expert for multichannel commerce, supports the sales team of ASIM cross media publishing solutions and product data management. Technology manufacturer and provider of solutions for product information management he is active and direct contact especially for existing customers as key account manager in the […]

Apprentice Info Day 2012 – Help With Choosing The Right Professional

Posted in News on April 9th, 2015
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Theory and practice an important interaction between the apprentice info day this year again attracted many visitors. The trainees and trainers of europoles, wodego and RAIL companies.On this day at the training centre (ABZ) into the Ingolstadter Strasse 51, ONE presented themselves, their companies, as well as their technical and commercial occupations. And what is […]

Business Academy

Posted in News on April 27th, 2014
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ebam Academy launches industry-specific business English workshops in Berlin from January 2010 the ebam business offers Academy professionals industry-specific business English courses in Berlin from the event, music and media management. Globalization makes presence felt particularly in communicative industries: event manager and Musikvermarkter negotiate with artists from different countries and book locations all over the […]

Frankfurt Opera Ball

Posted in News on February 28th, 2014
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5 Star speaker Thomas M. Stein is what he is ideally suited due to his successful career as a top international Manager creative head in the management of the Frankfurt Opera ball, from 2014. The successful entrepreneur Thomas M. Stein is top managers and professional of entertainment. Now he brings his many years of international […]