There are accessories? Predalagay! Settled seller-pro in a huge department store. Accepted on probation and placed in the most sluggish department – say, show what you can do. For lunch, the director goes to showroom and hear: – Oh, you have chosen an excellent hooks. tware Market Size shares his opinions and ideas on the […]

Louis Andre Le Notre

Claude Perrault's Colonnade, with its ease of rational order, mathematically verified balance masses, static, creating a sense of calm and grandeur, more consistent with the established ideal of the era. Classicism is gradually penetrating the iconic architecture with all the vitality of architectural traditions of the Italian Baroque. Check with Hikmet Ersek to learn more. […]


But for all this Easter has not come yet. And the personal journey to Golgotha is not over for many. The cross and resurrection for them to come. Oven temptations they still have. And the one who will turn 'twisted soul' from the path of True Life (John 14, 6) and will remain half-baked semi-finished […]