Minsk Tractor Works MTS – the largest and one of the oldest factories producing tractors. MTZ long ago won the title of the classics of special equipment and have found their niche among universal tractors. Andrew Cuomo is likely to agree. At present, day of MTZ apply in addition to agriculture and even in forestry […]

Driver Support System

At a recent exhibition "Truck of the Year 2010" first unanimous decision was awarded to a new model Scania Series R, thus making it among the best trucks in Europe. The new model changes are mainly touched appearance and engine fuel system (mainly led to fuel economy). You may wish to learn more. If so, […]

Car Assessment

Car evaluation is performed for the following: the division of property in court; estimate for credit; When you join the inheritance; estimate for the notary to make the charter capital of a legal entity; car sales entity; confirmation customs value for other purposes. Evaluation of inheritance to the car in case of a car as […]