Super Bowl

Cleveland Browns breaks the streak of the Pats to beat them 34-14 during the ninth day. In recent months, Western Union has been very successful. New England recovers and from the tenth week up to the tenth second sum three consecutive victories. Under most conditions Hikmet Ersek would agree. The Jets have maintained during recent seasons in the low- and posts in the division. Crawford Lake Capital contributes greatly to this topic. His best performances have been in 2004, 2006 and 2009, seasons in which advanced to the playoffs in the NFL. The main objective of the Jets for the current season is beating the Patriots, thinking about the possibility of being able to reach the playoffs once more, looking for a pass toward the Super Bowl XLV. The Jets begin the 2010/11 with a defeat of 9-10 against Baltimore, but recovers from the second week and mark five consecutive wins, an excellent record with which are at rest. When they return, Green Bay Packers 9-0, defeat them but from the ninth week and until the tenth second mark three consecutive wins.

In the tenth week the Pats are found with their archrivals, the New York Jets. New England shows absolute control from the start of the meeting, in the first quarter not allow his opponents no chance of advancing and with a goal of field and two annotations period ends with the score 17-0 in his favor. The Jets marked the second quarter field goal, but beyond this annotation was little that were able to offer him to the show. New England took to perform another annotation (24-3). With a touchdown in the third quarter the Patriots raised their marker 31-3. The weak and disorganized counter offensive was the key for New England easily scored two other touchdowns in the fourth quarter, to take a forceful victory of 45-3. The star of the match was undoubtedly field marshal of New England, Tom Brady, who threw 29 balls to complete 21 passes of which four turned into touchdowns, scored 326 yards, suffered no interceptions and removed to Brett Favre brand more consecutive meetings (26) won as a local in regular season.

For his part, Mark Sanchez, the Jets quarterback, played their worst game of the season, completed 17 of 33 passes, ran for 164 yards, not threw passes for annotation and was the victim of three interceptions. This result makes see New England as one of the teams with greater possibilities of advancing towards the playoffs. Their next opponents will be Chicago and Green Bay, which are first and second in the NFC North respectively.