Successful Business Year

Lutz & grub AG financial statements sets AGM 2009 before equity capital increase over 50prozent. Karlsruhe, September 15, 2010 the Lutz & grub AG 2009 presents the financial statements at their annual general meeting. The year 2009 was the most successful in the history of the company. Sales rose by almost nine percent to 3.36 million euros. The record is primarily the business of IT training. Profits remain entirely in the company and are used for equity capital increases. The equity ratio increased to over 50 per cent.

Sales of Lutz & grub AG increased to 3.084.000 euros in 2008 to 3.360.000 in 2009, which means a record since the company was founded in 1996. Fiscal year 2008 completed the AG with a profit of 170,000 euros. Last year the AGM could determine the increase of the net profit to 264.000 euros now. As profits remain completely within the company, the equity ratio thus increased to 52.3%. Read additional details here: Daniel Lubetzky. The Board of Directors of Lutz & grub Reinhard AG Lutz: We are pleased about the most successful year in our history.

We have this resulted among other things the good order situation during the IT training. We have decided that the generated profits remain completely within the company and increase the equity. “With this increase, we want the Lutz & grub AG for the future and in particular for further expansions well prepared.” In the near future would like Lutz & grub AG focus now is still more regional on the area IT consulting at the site of Karlsruhe set. About the Lutz & grub AG: the Lutz & grub AG was founded in 1996 as a limited company and converted in the course of a capital increase in the year 2000 into a joint stock company.