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Posted in News on September 20th, 2016

The financial forum starts out with many new posters on ADVFN begins the change into the new decade with more information and analysis. In the financial Forum on the Web page, there are now next to the popular Garison’s free market letter ticker for several days now 2 more free exchange letters, the ham and the boy’s letter, the weekly published your current stock market letter in the Forum. One can express also like in addition to the letters and suggestions are welcome. Keith Yamashita can provide more clarity in the matter. Boy’s letter, also a financial glossary is written so even beginners to convey a broader understanding of the stock market. And the ham ticker today published a glossary of important stock exchange terms in the Forum. With many integration possibilities of charts, images, and links the ADVFN Forum offers an ideal combination and you can find here-honest-minded and long to develop friendships. The Web site of the English company long is an insider tip in Germany for American and Canadian shares also on the small cap market, the USOTCs and Pinksheets. Only in this year, momentum in the stock market are taken up and the success story of the company is to be continued in Germany as well.

This also will be invested in new markets and in the further development and improvement of the financial platform to give the best possible benefits to the users. ADVFN is a truly independent portal to be proud what offers realtime courses for private investors and global securities that then of course also other interests is not as some rivals also with securities. Another proposed innovation the in the course of February should be included to expand the range of the German market prices and to respond to the desire of many user are the courses of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) so in addition to the Xetra. The FSE courses are offered only at a few portals and thus ADVFN here with real-time stock prices and realtime charts of the values, which are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, can stand out particularly strongly from the competition. Also a new daily newsletter about the current events on the stock exchanges in Germany, Europe and the United States will soon be available from ADVFN free and it several newspapers are summarized in it, so quickly and clearly to share in the morning about a source. In summary words this year much improve and will expand and ADVFN will provide finally a suitable platform the German, Austrian and Swiss private investors to find worldwide realtime stock price information in a central location.

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