State Foundation

In accordance with the State Foundation of the Environment (FEMA-MT, 2006, p.15), rains they are responsible for one of the main causes of deterioration of the quality of waters, being that sewers and lixos are carreados for the rivers, thus producing, a considerable increase in the density of bacteria in these waters. The treatment of sewer in the state of the Paran, according to Sanepar (2008, p.10), possesss the biggest index of Brazil, with 92% of the paranaense population. Another factor that contributes for the contamination of waters, mainly those related with the recreation, occurs due to the increase of the population in determined times. With the increase of the population during the drawn out holiday and vacation times, the systems of collection of existing sewers are not enough to move away the oustings, that finish for being launched in galleries of pluvial waters, streams or beaches, what it harms the balneabilidade conditions. (FEMA-SC, 2003) For Dersio (2000, p.22) case the waters destined to the recreation and leisure are poludas for residues domestic servants and/or industrials, can promote inconveniences for porting and recreativas practical ends of, implying in the contamination for bacteria, virus and parasitic infections, beyond bothering to the population due the bad odors and aesthetic aspects undesirable. The author cites despite the best form to represent the state of security for the recreativos uses of the water is through the presence or not of pathogenic organisms. The quantification of the quality of waters destined to the recreation must be established with the use of objective criteria, through a biological measurable parameter. Thus, based in pointers to be monitored, its values must be collated with preset standards. Legislation the resolutions of the Conama n 20, of 18 of June of 1986, and n 274, of 29 of November of 2000, define norms to be followed for the programs of monitoramento of the balneabilidade, as well as the criteria for the classification of waters destined to the recreation of primary contact.