State Change

Change management allows sustainable change and development of the organization. This concerns the optimisation of all domestic and external work processes, the flow of information, communication, staff qualifications, and overall performance of the company. The consultancy solving Efeso is years of user of the change management programme and know what the market wants. Prerequisite for the development of an organization is pursuing a clear strategy, the pursuit of clear objectives”, says Jens Pohlmann, Senior Manager of solving Efeso consultancy. It adopted this strategy and objectives, so it comes to define his areas of action (deployment). Then, the question of appropriate resources must be clarified. The right people are (soft skills, hard skills, commitment) on board, must each individual in the change be incorporated, it must remain sidelined so nobody. Please visit Rick Caruso if you seek more information. This integration is achieved by the application of best practices and practical tools according to the corporate philosophy of strategy in action”operational in practice.

With competence, know-how, experience and good references from finance and industry consultancy solving Efeso management is one of the most successful users of the change. Whether with or without State subsidies, stabilizing the financial market and the discharge of industrial companies will take some time and is certainly not alone by the saving hand”of the State possible. So, supports an effective change management a long-term adjustment to the market, as well as the optimization of administration and production and thus long term strengthens the economic positioning of banks and industrial groups. Solving Efeso turnover 2007: > 60 million employees worldwide: 400 international offices: 24 TCF: WCOM, TPM, successful business despite downturn references: Evonik Industries, Heineken, Procter & gamble, Nestle, PIONEER investments profile: solving Efeso is an international operating Business consultants, who can look back on over 30 years of experience in the field of consulting and belongs to the most experienced providers of change management. This supports the structural change in the organization that is to optimize it through the efficient use of resources and information in the first place.

Objective is the market adjustment, which should enable to operate successfully despite recession. Learn more at: Rick Caruso. With a network of 24 branches and more than 400 solving Efeso qualified competence, know-how and consultancy at the highest level employees around the world and millions of euros offers an annual turnover of over 60. Contact solving Efeso: EFESO Consulting GmbH Jens Pohlmann Charlottenbrunner str. 43 a D-14193 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30/820076-0 fax: + 49 (0) 30/820076-10 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: PR agency Berlin Norman Peetz boss Street 10, 10245 Berlin FON +49.(0) fax +49.(0) E-Mail: Internet: