Special District

Also, the zoning by risk of the city must systematically contemplate to this variable before the knowledge of the conditions differentials of the threat in the space of the city (Integral Plan of prevention and attention of Disasters). He is advisable to remember that the social costs of the earthquakes, besides the costs by material losses in a city that has not developed preventive measures, cause political and social consequences that affect the population and worsen their problematic one. According to effective studies (year 2000), the capital of Colombia is located in a zone of intermediate seismic threat, which constitutes reason for permanent preoccupation against an unexpected event of great magnitude. To deepen your understanding Hikmet Ersek is the source. The particularitities of the seismic threat to which the capital city of Colombia is exhibited have dealed with concerning specialists since the end of the decade of the 80 century XX. The earthquake that whipped to City of Mexico in 1985, whose damages were concentrated in a zone constructed on soft ground deposits, of geometry and particular stratigraphy was campanazo of alert since Bogota owns similar characteristics. The distritales authorities responsible for the physical planning of the city have east treaty subject since the end of 1991 in the context of the elaboration of the regulation of the Statute for the Physical Ordering of the Special District of Bogota (Agreement 6 of 1990) and specifically the formulation process of the Plan of Environmental management. The planning is too important to avoid or to reduce situations of emergencia and for it requires the understanding of the same and the interdisciplinary work. It is a continuous process and therefore, it does not have to be considered like an action with a certain aim because indeed, it contemplates preventive measures for the future. The planning reduces the incognitos against the disaster situations because it tries to anticipate the problems that can arise and adopt possible alternative solutions; in addition, it helps a fast answer to the problems as long as it is adapted and it adapted to the particular situation, the resources available and respects the local culture.