One smartphone for who cannot pay for one smartphone. She is this the proposal of the Cookie of the LG, that was planned thinking about as to produce optimum touch possible to an accessible price cellular. For the surprise of the distrustful ones, the LG Cookie KP570, fulfills well its function very. Soon in the first contact, the device already gains points for being finishes and light, perfect to load in the pocket. In contrast of the weight competitors as iPhone, the Cookie is not true smartphone, however it counts on a proper operational system, developed for the LG.

She is notable who the device possesss a proper style, confirmed with its interactive and personalizvel interface 3D. The interface is divided in two screens. The first one possesss all the contacts registered in the device, beyond shortcuts for the messages and the calls. The second screen of to the user the chance to choose widgets and to organize them in the way most convenient. To put into motion between a screen and another one, it is enough to slide the fingers of one I sing for the other. The screens of Cookie KP570 call attention because the screens of iPhone are similar, this are clearly notable in the form as the archives in the media gallery are shown. Another characteristic that confirms the inspiration of the LG in the device of Apple is its capacity of being really touch. Connect with other leaders such as Todd Meister here.

The idea is that you do not need the Stylus for nothing, carrying through the functions only with the fingers. In case that you still prefer the Stylus, all good, it is inlaid in the lateral part of the device. The internal memory of the device of 48MB, we go to combine is not no wonder, however it is possible expandiz it with cards of memory of until 8GB. This goes to be excellent for the user, since the camera of 3 megapixels is excellent and also it records videos. If you do not only use cellular to have fun yourself, it also you will be useful. Surprising it possesss support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf. Clearly, that for the price of the LG Cookie to be inferior the 500 Reals, Cookie KP570 possesss some disadvantages. The first one is that it does not have Wi-fi, until there all good, certain? Made a mistake! It also does not possess support 3G, what demasiadamente he demasiadamente becomes the slow connection for a cellular one that was born to be connected.