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Among the key words I saw these words, standing next: 'Jokes, karta, Airlines'. In the visible page text they contain (I checked the service 'search' in the same text editor). So, Let us now try to find the home page of our website in four Russian-language search engines (including Google). In each of our search engine will immediately enter the three words Jokes karta Airlines, to minimize the search results (Because each of these words in isolation, we find a lot of pages, and why waste time in vain, looking for interesting us page?). If the keywords play an independent role in optimizing pages, we would find our page on such a search (I think everyone understands. indexed pages, containing three standing next query words must appear in search results). So.

Results: Yandex: pages – 0. Jeff Gennette contains valuable tech resources. Aport: Page not found. Rambler: found one single page that contains only one word karta. Google: found 26 pages, and none of them is our page. I even decided to watch the search results in one of the most popular English-language search engine AltVista. Perhaps it is more democratic and allows you to search by keyword? However, the result is similar.

Found 20 pages, and none of these pages is not the one we have for so long are looking for. Outcome. Do not rely on keywords (tag keywords)! Do not poke in the keywords tag is a hundred words (some would-be shoved into this tag is completely content of the page itself, moreover, each word separated by a comma, including all occurring prepositions). Do not trust the advice of freshly web promoters. Better check all the meeting information on their own (you can check yourself all that I told you today). Site Board ad. It is necessary to revise all published articles, one on promotion of websites through search engines, if only because many techniques and many details out of date. Built by the search engines are working tirelessly struggling with an artificial show of relevancy pages enterprising web promoters. Those, in turn, invent new means of fooling search engines. A continual struggle developers of search engines and Web promoters will only continue I am personally against any kind has been fighting for first place in search queries. There are more peaceful methods of promotion of sites through search engines, does not take much effort and stress mind. Protect the power of creativity. It (the work) will give better results of promotion than chase for first place.