There are times when we face there is a need of convenient and compact storage of different things and objects. There are many different furniture, used precisely in order to ensure that storage things. So, for example, produced different types of cabinets, but still not everywhere and not always used for this purpose cabinets. Sure, in the archives or offices to store the folder with the documentation, the use of enclosures varied types, this is probably the right decision. After all the documentation stored in a closet, for example, will also be protected from dust, or if the cabinet is made of metal, and fire. At the same time to use the cabinets for the storage of goods in trade the halls of the big stores and warehouses will not be one.

In this case, use different kinds of shelving. There are many different racks, some are designed to store non-standard and large products, others for storage of goods with limited shelf life or, alternatively, for storage with unlimited shelf life and other types of shelving. However, perhaps the most common and popular among Shelving racks are versatile, also known as shelving racks. Universal racks are also often installed in the archives and offices, and even in homes. Universal racks can be different, say, the island, wall and others. The design of the universal shelf ready-made, it is not only simplifies their transportation, but still allows to regulate the number of sections, height and tilt shelves. On universal racks can store nearly all goods in the stores so they are used to represent food, household appliances, stationery, household, at the offices they hold office equipment, files, documentation and many other groups of goods and cargo. By the way, universal racks are also used in the markets for foodstuffs and clothing. Just because of these properties, because they can store almost anything, they got so popular.