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Etching technology Herz GmbH & co. Western Union pursues this goal as well. KG uses management system lobodms Villingen-Schwenningen/Puchheim on quality management handbook with the documents, 08 January 2014. The etching technology Herz GmbH & co. KG, leading manufacturer of etching parts for automotive, medical and Electronics has successfully launched the manual for quality management on the basis of lobodms. The company and its subsidiaries have several certifications, such as the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (quality) the DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 (environment) and the DIN EN ISO 16949:2009 (automotive).

In the etching technique Herz GmbH & co. KG, other software in use, which has in the meantime their technical limits and necessitated a reorientation was until recently. Already, 2010 was the documents management system lobodms archiving cEMAS implemented for email and successively expanded. Quality documents or commercial operations are scanned and recorded in various departments and subsidiaries. These documents are the users directly to the Registration in the established ERP system ABAS available. The comformatik AG was commissioned to examine whether the QM manuals in the company with lobodms can be shown and presented with a SharePoint Server for the user.

After recording the requirements specification, this question could be answered positively and tasked with the implementation of the comformatik AG. This decision made unnecessary a more island solution for the quality manual. The project was completed in November 2013 and the documents in the quality manual is now properly created, managed and distributed. The document control was implemented by means of different workflows and a SharePoint Portal. This portal can be viewed by all users. When a new document is created, or are modifications to existing documents, these are available after publication in the proper business process with a Web browser and are presented using Office Web app. Thus both the training and also the investment in new Office packages in production could, where only the Representation of the document and no processing is necessary to be reduced. More information is available at lobodms or the comformatik AG. lobodms lobodms, the documents is a management system for the middle class. Good price performance ratio, its flexibility and its holistic approach, making it possible to meet all customer requirements. lobodms already offers the possibility to enter management system budget in a full-fledged documents. Full scalability offers the possibility to expand the product and consequently additional functions, such as such as workflows, anytime use. About DM document management GmbH, the company management systems on the European market among the leading suppliers for documents. Its clear focus on the topic of document management for the mid-market makes the company so successful. The company’s headquarters is located in Puchheim near Munich. The DM document management GmbH in Europe is represented by subsidiaries and partners. The DM document management GmbH is Manufacturers of document of management system lobodms. Together with its partners the company develops successfully efficient management and audit-proof archiving for over 18 years for documents. These many years of experience with State of the art technology to an unbeatable product is joined by lobodms. Comformatik AG, Sascha Talevic, 2014