Selling Information- the EBook Revolution

Posted in News on February 28th, 2014

Selling eBooks on the Internet is powerful way to make money. It is proven by statistics that more is sold today on the Internet are electronic books containing information. Best of all, it has advantages compared with selling “physical books.” I’ll give you an example … If you create a physical book and want to sell you would need a publisher, which is largely the author of the book only gets only 10% for each sale of the book, the other 90% is received by the editorial by manufacturing, distribution and printing of it … and if for example your book costs $25 and sold 20,000 copies in one year, the profits would be “$500,000” which the publisher receives $ 450,000 and you as the author only receive 10% of $50,000 year. Educate yourself even more fully with thoughts from Smart Payment Solutions. Unlike yourself sell your book in digital format on the Internet only need a website to present his book and a website to process order Payment. 100% of the profits would be just for you and can automate your page so that when a person makes an Order, the system immediately sends you access to downloading the material, everything would be virtually “Autopilot” But as I said earlier by statistical evidence to confirm what most being sold on the Internet are electronic books that contain good information. Much as they are sold? Now I’ll give you the answer …

87% of people who surf the Internet looking for information to solve a problem, I’m talking about millions and millions of people who come daily to seeking information and if you can solve that problem putting the solution in an electronic book will sell like “hotcakes. Colombia I know a woman named Carmen, a close friend of mine by the way, she now lives in New Jersey and wrote a book called “75 Colombian Recipes,” is currently earning more than $20,000 per month selling on the Internet, people buy it and download it automatically after the completion of the transaction, and does everything in his house with his computer. That’s why I want you to understand the era we are living, and the opportunities of the Internet to make money selling any products you want.

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