Secrets of Writing Success

Often there are editors disagree on whether a short sales letter with lots of white space is better than a long and detailed. The pros and cons of the debate are divided as follows … What type of shopper are addressed? … There are basically two types of buyers. 1.

The impulse buyer. This is the kind of people very quickly cven and lack of time. Usually stops at the headlines and sub, watch the photos and captions, and make it a snap to make a decision. 2. The buyer of analysis.

This group of buyers believe that the proof is in the details. Will read all … even the small print. In this case it is logical that the sales letter will address the needs of buyers … regardless of its length. Let's look at what you need to do to achieve both impulsive buyers like the laboratory. Getting There …. When an impulse buyer. Use headlines and subheadings to get their attention. 2. Take the graphics enhance your message. … Photos Legends Different fonts and font sizes Highlight Shadow uses bold with shaded areas or bullets to the buyer Analytical 1. Use headlines, captions and graphics to the buyer Analytical as guides. Adds details, the analytical needs of the buyer on the proper heading, and you have a winning sales letter that will guarantee success. Within the knowledge of how you react to your potential buyers, the key is to "get their attention" … and you have an extra income. Impulsive buyer needs and overlapping analytical Buyer is a bonus for you, editor! For an efficient enterprise. Miguel Dominguez