Search Engines

As many know in some cases our company name or company of great importance may be tainted by a bad reputation in search engines since they appear in the results of words that may discredit the image of the company and of course the company will not be proud of this, but what can do us to improve a situation such as this can can give some basic ideas of how we can achieve this. The first thing that we should be trying the traditional way, to be able to have come to have a bad reputation on the results mean that many people have made bad comments in various media such as blog, pages, message boards and other sites which allow you to write to the visitors then must try to contact the webmaster of these sites so to eliminate that kind of comment or also the case that have created links to the company who want to damage or that have damaged their reputation with the words offered by those results, for example, if your company page appears under the criterion of Search thieves rest assured that many person have made links in text to that page by placing the term thieves with which would be good hiring them through mail or any other means and request that you be removed that link. Use the power of the web: similarly that stain our image with that type of links we can do otherwise to improve an idea can be drafting a positive description of the company and create a page within wikipedia and becomes part of a group of terms will appear where the positive comment, we can also generate articles of interestoffering information and thereby in the signature a link our page, we can use pages or sites of great importance and place our company profile, the work that we perform is similar to that we do when we want to have links towards our return but we will make greater emphasis in which the words that don’t relate are positive nature, we can also use comments within blog, bulletin boards and any other means that will allow us to include a description of our company. Other means that can be used that it will give fidelity and improve our image in the use of the testimony, that there are testimonies? as they are comments written by our customer or people who know the history of the company and will use this comment to give the image of what is really the company. In summary the work must be based on writing comments, get links to positive words to our website, write in blogs, directories, bulletin boards, articles sites and any medium that enables to position a company profile is always pointing to our web site, we will include in our page comments and testimonials made by persons who know the trajectory and seriousness of it already finally only me left say that is arduous work not seen to that corporate image we are both interested in the market can improve their fruits from one day to another but with the time.