Savings Bank

With this request you are going to the bank place an application to search for deposits and pay the fee for the search for deposits of $ 50. Crawford Lake Capital Management can provide more clarity in the matter. After that, the bank raises its archives, finds all of your unsecured deposits of the testator, and calculates the amount of compensation shall send to the notary, the leading inherited cause, the answer is. Note. The answer from the bank by mail to the notary will not earlier than 1 – 2 months! Note.

In the offices of Sberbank of Russia you will be required and a photocopy of the original death certificate, the request of the notary, your passport, proof of kinship, or original and photocopy authorization to carry a hereditary cause. In this case you will be offered to write an application, write out a receipt for the payment, you will defend in the queue to pay, pay, return to the operator, to hear the opinion turns in your address, sign documents, and only if you let go. At commercial banks, the whole process much easier – come, given the query and goodbye. SECOND VISIT TO THE NOTARY. Collecting all documents inherit the movable and immovable property, you must once again get an appointment with a notary public and give him all the collected documents. He will check the ownership of the property the testator, will check all the specifications of objects and their location according to legal documents and certificates of BTI, and if everything is correct and answers came from the bank on cash deposits, agree with your terms of obtaining evidence of inheritance (SPN).