San Antonio

With surprise, the news was contradicted by Eugenio Clariond Reyes Retana, elder brother of the family and former Chairman of the Council of the Grupo IMSA. You don’t know where that rumor taken as news by the important Rotary came. Clariond family has a huge cash after the sale of Grupo IMSA to his cousins the Channels Clariond at 800 million dollars. The same channels sold the company a thousand 700 million dollars a year later. The financial newspaper the weekly newspaper of the city of Mexico published until a photograph of Fernando channels Clariond to illustrate the information. Both families had lost tens of millions of dollars the abacus-trust case. The President of the defunct financial group, Jorge Lankenau Rocha was seven years in jail.

Monterrey investors have lost significant amounts of money in bags as the Moscow that had a significant recovery in the past decade but it turned out to be a speculative bubble that his them losses by $ 700 million. THE case Irigoyenjose Irigoyen Villarreal El Conde offered higher than bank interests in its business of brand-new cars and car Brite, used vehicles in the city of Monterrey, N.L. More than 2 thousand 500 people were disappointed by what revolved arrest warrants. He was a fugitive for three months and was apprehended in San Antonio, Texas. He was deported and went to jail in March 1993. Irigoyen accomplices were his mother-in-law, his wife Juana Idalia sources Lozano and his Secretary. The fraud was estimated at 50 billion pesos (before removing three zeros to the weights).

Ponzi and Madoff become the black history of the white collar criminals who were real artists of fraud, although both were uncovered. It is believed that there are more scams that will be coming out this year as the Nobel Prize in economics, Paul Krugman has predicted it. Published in the RegioNegocios of the city of Monterrey, N.L., Mexico in January 2009. You can use this article if you quote the source.