Sale Goods

Thing is realized through the sale. In the event that the amount of assessment exceeds 30,000. It is being implemented only at public auction. However in the conventional pawnshops, such situations are rare – often at the cost of credit One thing not often exceed 20 thousand rubles. Upon completion of the sale conditions for things to pawn borrower repaid even if the proceeds in the sale are insufficient for their complete satisfaction. Fair at the pawnshop the absence of a client upon termination of the contract is trying to contact the customer and remind of the need to pay the debt. When attempts are useless, no action reclaim debt pawnshop shall not be entitled to do. Only one measure – realization of collateral, and no matter how many months, weeks, it has not been sold since the transfer of the store.

Simple arithmetic And now the most interesting – the price issue. It consists of several components: the estimated value things prtsenta and loan term. With regard to assessment, even on the web-site of the same pawn shop can be found mutually exclusive at first glance, the wording: "the loan amount, which is issued for a pledge card, established at the time of signing a pledge of 100 percent of the evaluation ',' highest rating of your goods' and 'pawn shop sells unredeemed pledge thing at a cost significantly lower than the present price of the goods'. If take for granted all these formulations, goes absolutely neprybylny for the pawnshop business: buy a client on the current value of the goods and then sell at a deep discount.