Russian Quot

Public organization "Kin", which implements a unique project 'Video book Orthodox Russia, engaged in videoizdatelstvom, completes catechist and missionary video library, and also forms the subject catalog directory licensing of audiovisual works. Demand viewing audience of video production "Russian House", which produces the magazine, and film studios "Canon", created 10 years ago and the well-known documentaries Orthodox content. Deserves attention to the "Orthodox studio Petersburg, founded in 1993. To date, the north-west Russia, it is the only professional film company, working on the creation of films and programs of the Orthodox subjects. During this time, from more than 40 films about Russian monasteries, temples, devotees and saints. Society Radonezh addition to films made by his own film studio, offers a wide selection of audio tapes, in fact representing a collection of recordings from the archives of radio Radonezh. Orthodox Society "Today" (Volgograd) implements projects related to the production of orthodox videos.

Work is conducted under the direction of the Dean Volgograd Holy Spirit Monastery ieromonaha Varsonofi (Lavrishcheva). Employees of the studio company "Today" – a professional TV crew. In a short period of time they have released several users of popular movies. From a diverse assortment can highlight what quality is different and therefore in demand. Rate videos and audiotapes of spiritual content, we asked vendors church benches, as well as viewers and listeners. The survey covered residents of the capital region, Vladimir, Tver, Ryazan and Kaluga regions, as well as visitors to the city of Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Yekaterinburg and Belarus.