Roll Up

Posted in News on October 7th, 2013

They can be printed on different media: paper, banner cloth, plastic, velkropaneli ( tissue). To read more click here: Western Union. Beautiful, colorful image – an essential part of any advertising campaign. Types of mobile stands Typically, mobile stands are constructed from modules of the constructor: metal or plastic connectors (pipes) are connected by means of magnetic sites and represent a seamless design. The most popular among mobile exhibition stands now is a stand POP-UP. It consists of modules of different configurations.

Usually the size of the mobile stand are determined based on the number of its modules. The standard size of a single module (section) – about 700h700 mm. The standard module is a single section, such sections may be as much as the width (length) and not more than 5-6 in height. If specified, for example, that stand pop up 1×3 which means that it is a construction of 1 unit in width and 3 units in height, 2×3 – 2 modules wide, 3 – high. Thus, in the name of the size of the stand first specified number of modules in width, then – in height.

The most popular configuration of the stand pop up 3×3 or 4×3. Types of mobile stands mobile stands are divided into three main types: large stand: POP-UP (an umbrella structure FOLD-UP tablet, or framework construction. Small banner stands set of types, including the Roll Up, which sometimes emit a different type of mobile stands, as well as Russian mobile stand Stella, L-banner X-Banner and others. Additional designs for mobile marketing kinds of exhibition equipment, which complement the mobile stand there very much.

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