Riva Makes CRM Mobile

Omni provides mobile access to leading CRM systems with Riva integration server. Greifenberg/Munich, 25 March 2010 Omni technology solutions, a leading provider of CRM integration solutions, offers a seamless, sever-side CRM integration for each Microsoft Exchange and GroupWise email client with Riva integration server. Furthermore can access sales representatives now on your mobile (ActiveSync) and their BlackBerry on information from the CRM system and edit. Since Riva is installed on the server, no additional software installations on the e-Mail client and Smartphone are required. The supported CRM systems SAP CRM include among other Salesforce, SugarCRM, SageCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM, and soon.

In February, Gartner announced the latest figures on the use of mobile operating systems. Research in motion (RIM) dominated still the market of smartphones for business users with 19.9%, even if Apple was able to catch up with a market share of 14.4 percent. According to statements by ABI Research 2009 alone 34 million BlackBerrys were sold. It is undisputed that employees in the sales and contact with customers increasingly also by travelling on the information of customer relationship management must Access and use their smartphones and BlackBerrys. For a real increase in effectiveness and productivity employees want access to the CRM as seamless and easy as possible.

Riva Integration Server provides this ease of access through its server software – which once installed on the server – even SaS-based CRM systems directly in the email client or on a Smartphone can depict. The central access on user page is on the PC a Microsoft email client (Outlook, Web mail or Entourage) and on the Smartphone of the respective e-Mail access. So, no additional plug-ins or applications must be installed on the mobile device. The synchronization between the CRM system and the Smartphone or BlackBerry is bi-directional, seamless and transparent. Riva integration server by our customers is often described as a guarantee for success for the use of the CRMs. Because sales and service staff directly using their email client in CRM can work with Riva. “This increases the acceptance of CRMs under the users and saves time.” says Dr.-ing. Thomas Fleissner, Omni Germany represents for us a further optimization for customer management CRM integration on Smartphones and BlackBerry, because salespeople, can work even if they are traveling, always with the CRM. ” Omni also offers a software developer kit for Riva integration server, allows the third-party E-Mail client to connect other proprietary systems such as internal company databases by means of Riva. Riva integration server is the connector between the e-Mail system and these mission-critical systems for CRM systems and other line of business applications. More information about Riva integration server as well as a list of all supported CRM systems is found interested see crm-integration / videos and screenshots see quicktours / and crm-integration/screenshots.html about can be requested with a 14 day trial.