Rio De Janeiro

Posted in News on August 23rd, 2018

The street, that until the construction of the stadium if called Cndido Silva, gained the name of Bariri because, in days of rain, it formed a great rapids. Disillusionment? This does not need to be faced as one ‘ ‘ erro’ ‘. Because, as it shows the study of Capinuss well, the soccer has all proper vocabulary, whose words acquire one meaning different of usual p.ex., ‘ ‘ churchgoing’ ‘ it leaves of being a small shower to changed into a high pass data on the area adversary. Being thus, in the boleiro vocabulary, it does not have problem of ‘ ‘ bariri’ ‘ to be a tribe and end point. (PS: the chieftain of this tribe could well be the celebrity (convalesce block) Chieftain of Branches, who also is there in the Leopoldina) OBS.: In archive pdf in annex, photographs of the club, taken off for me in 2010 and 2011.

HYMN OF the POTTERY (author: Lamartine Babo) Pottery, your effort, your glory, is growing day the day, Pottery. Your life evidence the twisted one, Pottery. Your blue and white shirt has one ‘ ‘ qu’ ‘ of affection. Carrying through dreams a thousand, You will be a pioneer of the sport in Brazil. Club of blue-celestial band, You came to the Zone North, Club of the blue-celestial band, Are of the sport for the sport. SOURCES: BARROS, Geraldo Hunter of. Illustrated dictionary of the soccer. So Paulo: Placar, 1980.

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