Reserves Committee

Assessment of groundwater resources – a requirement to license the right to groundwater extraction. However, most of subsoil users and owners of wells have only a vague idea of what the estimate reserves, who may carry out these works and who their checks, what is the duration of work, composition, technique and overall cost. The need to calculate the groundwater is governed by the law 'On depths', Section III, concerning the rational use and protection of mineral resources. Fundamental issues of rational use and exploitation of mineral resources is the fullness of geological knowledge. With regard to groundwater fullness of geological and hydrogeological studies is characterized on the basis of exploration, followed by calculation of reserves, design the report and its protection by the State Reserves Committee or its regional offices. The degree of knowledge of geological and hydrogeological conditions is reflected in the categorization of reserves. Work on the geological studies carried out by the subsoil user.

In this case, execution of the evaluation of groundwater resources should be carried out with the obligatory participation of qualified experts, ie Engineers Hydrogeologists. This requirement is fully justified, since perform assessment work groundwater with no special education is almost impossible. To study the subsurface may be involved in outside organizations that have the appropriate specialty. Alternatively, a qualified specialist hydrogeologist may be adopted in state enterprises during the period of exploration. Work on the assessment of groundwater include the study of subsurface geology and hydrogeological conditions of the territory. According to the results of work should be identified sources of groundwater resources, their qualitative composition and the ability to save the required quality for the entire period operation.

The evaluation of ground water is performed for a period of 25 years (10,000 days). An integral part of work on stock assessment is to carry out pumping tests of wells and the implementation of the hydrodynamic calculating the parameters of the aquifer. Mode of water intake during the experimental work has to be adjusted on the advice of a specialist. The evaluation report of groundwater is a very voluminous document. Even a single report on water wells, which has a very small rate, would look like that at 100 pages and more applications in the form of diagrams, geological and hydrogeological maps, etc. Reporting materials on the results of the study of subsurface necessarily transferred to the state and territorial funds of geological information. The whole complex of works on assessment of groundwater resources, reporting, his defense of SCC and transfer to the archives, usually takes at least 8-10 months.