Republican Party

Julio Soare to make voters that it nominates the municipal authorities that if they fire. For suggestion of it, as Tefilo de Freitas Barreto, of Riachuelo and others. That he allows it makes certain electoral excursions in official car; That he sanctions the heads of the PRS, that is, of the faction of Mr. Leandro Maciel, that not yet is in the power only for a question of ability politics, as it happened (…) in Itabaiana with Mr. Otoniel Dorea; it will be possible, we repeat, that Mr. Interventor before these facts denies that Mr. Leandro Maciel enjoys its preferences, has its competition, has its support (BEEN OF SERGIPE, 1933). The PSD created by Leandro Maciel chose Otoniel of the Fonseca Dorea member of the house of representatives in the election of 14 of October of 1934, of which in as the turn it got 18,668 votes and it chose also it for the Senate in the election of 02 of April of 1935 with 15 votes.

the Republican Party of Sergipe established around Augustus Maynard Gomes chose in as the turn, Esperidio Noronha and Jose Sebro Oak (Sebro, nephew), state deputies, the first one with 18.633 and as with 18.562 votes and obtained 14 votes in the elections for governor in 02 of April of 1935. The separation enters the head of the state executive and Leandro Maciel reflected in Itabaiana, in the nomination in 1934 of Loyal Edson Menezes, for intendant, son-in-law of Esperidio Noronha, that established the Republican Party in Itabaiana and made use in this moment of the great prestige next to the governor. However, after the election of 02 of April of 1935, to governor, it passes to the side of Eronildes Blacksmith of Oak. In the election campaign of 3 of October of 1935, for municipal election, they had disputed Manoel Francisco Teles supported for Maynard Gomes, new figure in the itabaianense politics, but that it acquired prestige before the community for giving to them to all the types of favors, she was rich and influential trader.