Renee Zellweger

The film industry has been one of the biggest industries of all time, thanks to the excellent film productions this movement increasingly clearly exalted, but we can also refer to the actors and actresses who with his way of representing a character manage to keep this industry moving; in this article we will make allusion to a brilliant actress, who by his way of doing things has managed to stand out among many, and worked significantly on the strengthening of the cinema, we are talking about Renee Zellweger. Renee Zellweger is an American born in Texas United States in 1969. Since the time of the College Renee Zellweger showed his acting powers, actively participating in plays inter-collegiate, this activity the development during all their studies both primary and secundary. Renee Zellweger enters the University of Texas where his passion for the performing arts favorite, clearly seen since University had various types of scenic Studios, this love it in such so was devoted himself to the study of radio, film and television. The leading roles of Renee Zellweger were within his home State (Texas) where he achieved minor characters in films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre among other lesser known. Do Renee Zellweger decides to move to the? angels where his portrayal in the film Jerry Maguire earned him public knowledge since 1996, this film Renee Zellweger shared the stage with Tom Cruise, this got that it was catalogued as a very good actress, by critics of all Hollywood. The stop of Renee Zellweger’s career is given since 2000, where he began to participate in leading roles in films from great name as The diary of Briget jones and me, myself and Irene where co-starred with tours actors like Jim Carrey with which was married and great Hugh. One of the biggest awards that have been made to Renee Zellweger was the nomination to the Golden Globe and the Oscar, for its large participation in the film The diary of Briget Jones where although not able to get any of the two awards, was shown as a strong candidate for the coming years.

It is proper to emphasize that Renee Zellweger has been nominated for an oscar three times, resulting winner in 2003 as best supporting actress, in their participation in the film Cold Mountain. It is also good to point out that he has won three Golden Globe Awards in the years 2001, 2003 and 2004. BAFTA awards also made him a recognition in the year 2003, along with the Academy Screen Actors tours, where turned out winner in the years 2002 in two categories and 2003. Some films in which he has participated successfully Renee Zellweger are: Reality Bites in 1993. Danzed and Confused in 1993.

Jerry Maguire in 1996. The Bachelor in 1999. Me, myself and Irene in 2000. The diary of Briget Jones in 2001. White Oleander in 2002. Chicago in 2002. Cold Montain in 2003. Cinderella Man 2005. Miss Potter in 2006. Case 39 for brand new this year she is party to brand new this year. Currently Renee Zellweger at 39 years of age is ranked as one of the best and most award-winning actresses of all Hollywood, this said by magazines like Glamour and Vogue. Original author and source of the article