Registration Of Companies In Estonia

Recently, more and more Russians began to think about how to open my own business in Estonia. This is due to the fact that if you open a company in the Baltic states, you will automatically receive a residence permit (permit) in this country. Yes, and economic policy there is that Estonia has, in recent years among the top twenty countries with a rating of so-called "economic freedom". Everything happens very quickly, registration of companies in Estonia it only takes one day, though in this case must personally appear before a notary public in Tallinn themselves with a required set of documents, which includes: copies of passports, addresses and other details of all those who will take participate in the registration and management of the firm. Joined by a notary and registration with the tax takes one day, then you become the owner of the firm and started his business in Estonia. There is another option: Buy ready-made companies, in this case you do not need to come into the country, on your behalf may act by anyone, importantly make sure you gave him the confidence to conduct such a troublesome case. Many economists believe that Opening a business in Estonia – profitable business, as this country is a member of the European Union and has a fairly favorable tax legislation. So, if you leave all the profits in company, the taxes are equal to zero.

It should also be taken into account that Estonia has not entered into the "black lists" of offshore areas, while the effective planning of doing business will allow you to work with the company, both offshore. In addition to tax breaks, running your own business in Estonia has a number of advantages. These include the possibility of entry to the CIS equipment, machinery, automobiles and other goods without customs duties and VAT. .