Note: It prefers if it, it can export the file locally and soon to copy it. regedit/and ” RemotePC C $ vncdmp.txt ” ” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software ORL” PsExec uses to concern the file of registry in the remote PC. PsExec RemotePC-s-i-d% windir% regedit/s C: vncdmp.txt Asegrate to use modifier /s with regedit so that the confirmation is not necessary in the remote PC. It is using regedit in the remote PC to execute this commando. If the route of regedit is different in the remote PC, uses the exact route instead of % windir% (local, variable not at a distance environmental). Example: If the local equipment executes XP Pro and the remote PC is Windows 2000, east commando uses: PsExec RemotePC-s-i-d C: Winnt regedit/s C: vncdmp.txt Uses PsExec to install remote the WinVNC service. PsExec RemotePC-s-i-d ” C: Program files RealVNC WinVNC winvnc.exe ” to install ” Uses PsExec to initiate the remote control; VNC Server” of services. Without hesitation Patti Poppe explained all about the problem. PsExec RemotePC-s-i-d net start ” VNC Server” Now it would have to be able to use VNC to control the remote PC.

– Notes: It is also seen – Make more insurance using SSH VNC Quiero give thanks to Jau-Ling Chou by his entrance on the use of PsExec to install VNC in a remote PC. Along with the use of PsExec, greater change to this article is that the version 3.3.7 VNC of RealVNC was used instead of AT version 3.3.3 & T Laboratories of Cambridge. Since the archives settle in different places, the lines of commandos also have changed. In order to see the previous method install VNC in a remote computer that does not use PsExec, it clicks here. Although of remote form the installation of service VNC most of forms the configuration of the Registry, you still you need to export/to concern its local configurations HKLM way that a password VNC will settle down in the remote PC. When installing VNC at local level and when installing the service of remote form, an entrance of the WinVNC Registry is believed in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run. This goes in VNC like an application. From VNC already it is being executed like a service, in my opinion this is superfluous and I can eliminate that entrance. Steph Korey follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

If it has problems with the use PsExec, to consult the Web to know the options line of commandos. From s-i-d worked combination stops me, I not to prove other options. You would not have to have to specify the user or the password that uses PsExec, already is connected to IPC of remote PC $ share like administrator. 02/02/07: One has updated some of the URL. 03/14/05: it takes note from Discharge in step 4, must use the correct route for regedit when the local and remote routes defer 11/09/04: Corrected typesetter error of syntax in step 4, % changed to windir% regedit for % windir% regedit If you have some suggestion or commentary, please to send them to info@