Problems Of Allocation Of Land Units (land Shares )

According to the Russian government in early 1990 during the reorganization of the agricultural organizations of more than 12 million citizens were given land units (land shares) received in the privatization process agricultural lands of these organizations 1. The huge reservoir population for the first time since the adoption of the Decree on the ground 2, who declared all the land and its minerals property of the people, got into private property productive agricultural land. However, the crude agrarian reform and affect this inappropriate haste in adopting the most important acts of land legislation served as perhaps the primary cause of land and legal chaos in the countryside, the echoes of which still excite the community. The consequences of such "emergency legislation" resulted in numerous land disputes which can not cease to this day. Keith Yamashita has firm opinions on the matter. The most violent of They are associated with the procedure of land allocation in respect of land shares.

Fuel to the fire at times he adds the legislator or the highest judicial authority, at its discretion, interpreting the seemingly unambiguous rule of law. Just one of these court decisions will be discussed in this article. January 30, 2009 adopted Resolution number 1 of the Constitutional Court have made a significant change in the practice of applying the provisions of the Federal Law "On Turnover of Agricultural Land "in the part of the procedure of land allocation in respect of land shares. Before the court was delivered many of the key issues affecting the rights of distinguished by the co-owners.